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Should You Hire a Milwaukee SEO Consultant?

If you have an existing website that is not showing up for in the top 3 results on the first page of Google, then you’re generating very little business from what should be your greatest source of new customers and where you’ll find a large amount of quality customers.

The organic listings tend get clicks from more commercially actionable consumers and create much more clicks than expensive paid listing.   In fact, 87% of people click on the organic listing vs. the sponsored listings on the top and to the side of Google’s results. You’ve probably already talked to a “Milwaukee SEO Expert” who has told you that content is king and that if you keep writing quality content people will find it and link to it.  This might work for Fortune 500 companies with an established brand, but for a small business in Milwaukee trying to get noticed, you’re in for a long uphill battle.

I tried it for many years myself.  Every blog I wrote was like a tree falling in a forest, nobody heard it… About 5 years ago I dedicated myself to learning exactly why the top rated websites ranked so well, and since then, have developed a complex understanding of how Google and its search algorithm operates.

I own and manage a number of  top ranking websites in extremely competitive national markets my unique SEO system.  I repeatedly achieve sustainable longterm rankings in the top 3 of each of the major search engines.  I can do the same for your website.

Now, I’m offering my SEO services to the Milwaukee small business community.  You see for yourself how well Great Lakes SEO website outranks some of the so called experts in the Milwaukee SEO World in only a few months.

Contact Great Lakes SEO if you have a SEO project you’d like to discuss.


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